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I thought it was a great program. I (re)learned a ton. I appreciated the introduction to the electronic medical records. I feel more confident applying to return to work as a nurse than I did before starting the program.- Spring 2022

I am so pleased I took this class. It was a lot of review, but well worth the time and money.Thank you! - Spring 2022

I feel more confident overall as a nurse to provide care and I thank this program for that. It gave me confidence but also a look into the work force and what is out there. The recruiter experience made me feel welcomed to apply and not intimidated like I have felt in the past. Thank you for this great experience! CSU is a great school and really looks out for their students. I look forward to applying to the CSU RN to BSN program and I hope to become a part of the CSU family. Thank you! - Summer 2021

The hands on in the labs and knowledge base of the instructors was great. My needs were
anticipated and met with every classroom day and lab experience. - Spring 2021

A nice overall comprehensive review of 3 years into 8 weeks. - Spring 2021

I believe that if you take this class... put in the work/time you
will benefit from it. The instructors are there for you to succeed. - Spring 2021

Overall the lab experience was very helpful, the instructors were absolutely great! Very knowledgeable and eager to teach! - Spring 2021

This program was well worth the money. - Spring 2021

Incredibly knowledgeable people both teaching and lecturing in this class. - Spring 2019

I liked the range of experience, from ED to seasoned instructor, to med/surg. I think it added depth! - Spring 2019

Great course. I will recommend this to anyone who has a need. Very informative and well structured! The instructors are amazing. I will consider CSU for future schooling. - Spring 2019

I cannot say enough about the excellence of the instruction and support received from the lab experience facilitators. Please know they are an incredibly nonjudgmental group of educators that are priceless and I loved them! - Fall 2018

A wonderful program in a beautiful facility. - Fall 2018

The Refresher course was well worth my time and money. It helped clear the cobwebs out of my nurse brain, provided an engaging learning environment, and resparked my love of nursing. Thank you! - Fall 2018

Excellent source of info and skills. I feel much more confident to go back into the work force. - Spring 2018

Refresher is well-respected in the community. Helped me land interviews. - Spring 2018

The instructors were excellent and helpful. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity. It challenged me on so many levels, and to know I've completed it, gives me such confidence. - Fall 2017

I have already recommended this course to other colleagues because it is comprehensive in content and professional in implementation. Worth every single penny! - Fall 2017

Good refresher review. Thank you so much for offering this! Gave me a little more confidence applying again after 15 years! - Fall 2017

I think it was a great way to get "back in the water." I met some interesting people and generally enjoyed studying subjects I haven't considered in years. Learned some new material that wasn't known when I started out .