Behavioral Health Policy and Administration

Physician License Revocation Disparity Study

This study is exploring racial/ethnic disparities in disciplinary action towards physicians by the State Medical Board of Ohio over the last ten years. A pool of research subjects was selected by December 2019. Specifically, public records of the State Medical Board of Ohio Monthly Formal Action Reports were obtained for sample years 2009, 2014, and 2018. Data on report date, physician's name, summary descriptions of disciplinary actions initiated, and the disciplinary actions imposed by the Medical Board at its monthly meeting have been collected and are being analyzed

Faculty Affiliate

Michelle L. Heath

Research Partners

G. L. Hall
R. A. Dunn
D. T. Hutcherson
E. Lee

Community Partners

Partnership for Urban Health

CSU University Engagement/Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement


$5,000 Center for Behavioral Health Pilot Grant, 2019


This initiative looks to level the playing field for minority physicians, preserve their economic contribution in the community, allow for equitable access to a vigorous defense of allegations, and preserve the community inspiration that they serve.  Researchers’ ground-breaking study seeks to assess the extent of unfair and disproportional representation of African Americans among physicians placed on probation by the State of Ohio Medical Board. Since most studies have taken place in the early 2000’s, this study can shed light on disciplinary actions towards African American after the legislative changes by the Federal Government (HITECH Act, EHR meaningful use, and Affordable Care Act).

The Opioid Crisis: Healing the Healers

The purpose of this pilot project is to investigate how physicians cope with their experiences with their role as gate keepers for prescribing opiates. The researchers are conducting interviews with physicians working in specialties that can frequently involve the prescription of opioids.

Faculty Affiliates

Rama Jayanti and Wendy Regoeczi 


$5,000 Center for Behavioral Health Pilot Grant, 2019


Jayanti, Rama K. and Samaya Balijepally (2019). "The Opioid Crisis: Do Marketing Activities Trigger Negative Externalities?" Presented at the Atlantic Marketing Association Conference at Asheville, NC, Sept 25-28th.