Nursing Honors/Scholars Program

Program Objectives
The Nursing Program
Honors/Scholars Contract
Nursing Honors/Scholars Courses

Nursing Honors/Scholars Program Objectives

  • Encourage academically talented students to pursue nursing as a profession
  • Demand rigorous academic written work from honors/scholars students
  • Support reflective professional practice
  • Enhance existing educational coursework by developing opportunities for independent research
  • Foster close relationships between an honors/scholars faculty advisor and honors/scholars students

Admission to the Nursing Honors/Scholars Program
The Nursing Honors/Scholars program is open to all honors/scholars students in good standing in the School of Nursing. Students must be enrolled in the Basic BSN Program. Students interested in applying to the program should contact the University Honors Program.
University Honors Program

The Nursing Program
The Basic Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is a structured program, with no required electives. Each course must be completed in sequence prior to taking the next one.
Each of the Honors/Scholars courses is part of the 69 credits required to complete the Basic BSN Program. Additional work is required for each of these designated honors courses. An Honors/Scholars contract must be completed for each of these courses.

The Honors/Scholars Contract
Honors/Scholars students have additional required assignments specified within the syllabus. These assignments are designed to challenge you and increase your knowledge of nursing to an advanced level, aiding you in your chosen nursing career and preparing you for further study. This additional work will constitute 20% of your grade for that course. These assignments are individualized in addition to the basic requirements for the course.
Upper Division Honors Program Academic Plan Contract

Nursing Honors/Scholars Courses
The following courses are designated as the School of Nursing Honors/Scholars courses:
Sophomore Year
No Nursing Honors/Scholars courses are offered during this academic year. Consult your Honors/Scholars Advisor in the Honors Program for this academic year.

Junior Year

Fall Credits Description
NUR305H 2 Medical Surgical Nursing II
NUR312H 2 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
NUR310H 2 Nursing Research
Required:  draft of a Nursing research proposal

Senior Year

Fall Credits Description
NUR415H 3 Medical Surgical Nursing III
NUR420H 3 Professional Role Practicum (Capstone Course)
Required: Evidence-based activity


Your School of Nursing Honors/Scholars Faculty Advisor is Dr. Raouth Kostandy. She may be reached at or (216) 523-7318. Her office is in Julka Hall, room 269. Dr. Kostandy will meet with honors/scholars students on a regular basis for guidance and support.