Center for Behavioral Health Sciences

Center's Purpose

The primary purpose of the Center for Behavioral Health Sciences is to conduct interdisciplinary research in behavioral health, specifically within the fields of mental health and addiction.

The Center brings together interdisciplinary scholars at CSU who are focused on intervention studies in partnership with and support from local, state and federal agencies. Studies examine the efficacy of programs, services, or integrated delivery models that are designed to alleviate the suffering caused by mental illness and addiction.

The Center for Behavioral Health Sciences brings together a team of experts around behavioral health theory, research design, quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods, field experiments, and implementation strategies. CSU researchers affiliated with the Center conduct inter-professional research studies designed to improve service delivery, enhance community well-being, and strengthen the quality of the behavioral health workforce in Northeast Ohio and the state. As part of its commitment to translating research to practice, the Center seeks to provide educational opportunities for students and professionals alike. Thus, the Center seeks to cultivate discovery, collaboration, education in research, and inform policy in behavioral health, with special emphasis on Northeast Ohio.