COH Undergraduate Grade Dispute

COH Undergraduate Grade Dispute

Students of any College of Health course who received a final grade that they dispute on the grounds of either: (1) a computational error, or (2) non-uniform grading practices, may submit a Grade Dispute.


PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THROUGH THE REQUIREMENTS AND STEPS LISTED BELOW.  If you need assistance in navigating this process, please consult with your assigned academic advisor (as listed in Starfish).

A Grade Dispute must be submitted no later than the last day of instruction for the semester immediately following the disputed course (for example, the end of the Spring semester for a Fall course dispute). Note: students who received sanctions due to academic misconduct are ineligible to participate in the Grade Dispute process for the course related to the misconduct.


Students must complete the first two steps outlined below before submitting the grade dispute petition:  

  1. The student discusses the concern over their final grade with the course instructor directly.  The student should present a clear rationale and all evidence of a miscalculation or non-uniform grading practice.
  2. If the student and instructor are unable to come to a resolution, both the instructor and the student must prepare written statements summarizing their positions.  The written statements should be forwarded to the chair of the department offering the course, who may or may not request a meeting of all parties.  The student should also forward all evidence of a miscalculation or non-uniform grading practice to the department chair. 
The Petition for a Grade Dispute should be submitted only  if resolution is not reached through the mediation of the department chair.

This completed form along with additional written statements (instructor and department chair), and all evidence of a miscalculation or non-uniform grading practice should also be forwarded to the COH Student Services Center at

Should resolution be reached with either the instructor or the department chair, a Change of Grade form should be submitted, and this petition will not need to be submitted.