School of Social Work

Gerontology Graduate Certificate


Students wishing to earn a certificate in Gerontological Studies must complete the overview course and a minimum of two specified courses plus an internship research project for a total of 13 to 15 credits.


Choose One
  • SWK 680 – Aging & Social Work Practice
  • HCS 650 – Long-Term Care


Choose Two
  • SWK 648 – Grief, Death, Loss, and Life
  • HCA 650 – Long-Term Care
  • PED 572 – Physiology of Aging
  • SOC 516 – Sociology of Aging
  • HSC 526 – Functional Performance of Older Adults
  • COM 549 – Health Communication


Field Practicum for Social Work Students (4 to 5 Credits)

Students must complete an internship (internship for SWK students) or research project. The capstone project may be the final fieldwork placement or clinical placement in a professional program that includes working with older adults. The research project may be the final capstone research project in a graduate program if the topic is approved by the Graduate Gerontology Program Director.