School of Social Work

School Social Work Graduate Certificate

The School Social Work Certificate will consist of 15 credit hours, 12 of which consist of core courses. A required clinical practicum will constitute the other 3 hours. Students currently enrolled in the MSW may take SWK 612 to fulfill both the requirements of the certificate and, in part, the MSW.

Required Courses

These courses are required to complete the certificate.
    •    EDB 604 - Social Issues & Education
    •    ESE 500 - Introduction to Special Education
    •    ESE 512 - Collaboration & Partnerships Among Parent & Professionals In Special Education
    •    SWK 692- Social Work in Educational Settings


Students who are currently enrolled in the MSW program may take SWK 612 to fulfill the certificate requirements.
Students who are post-MSW must take SWK 712 to fulfill the certificate requirements.
    •    SWK 612 - Clinical Practicum I or
    •    SWK 712 - Advanced Clinical Practicum I