Undergraduate BSN Degree Completion Options

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Accelerated BSN Program

How long is the program?

The program takes four (4) consecutive, full-time semesters to complete.

When would I start if I were accepted?

Accelerated BSN students begin the Nursing sequence in the Spring (January) semester each year for the inperson track and Fall and Spring for the online track.

May I work while attending school?

The School of Nursing does not recommend working full-time while enrolled in the Accelerated BSN Program, as it is very difficult. If it is necessary for you to work full time, you may wish to consider one of the Traditional BSN tracks, which are less intense.

I will need my class schedule to be set up around my work/childcare/transportation schedule. Are there classes offered in the evening and/or on the weekends?

The School of Nursing is unable to accommodate these requests. Courses may only be offered at one time, and students must take the courses in the proscribed order. Because of the accelerated nature of the program, scheduling is very tight. Also, courses and clinical times are scheduled according to the availability of the clinical sites. Students must be flexible with their own schedules if they wish to enroll in the Accelerated BSN Program. The online ABSN track is a combination of synchronous and asynchronous coursework, two mandatory in person/on campus residencies along with inperson clinicals scheduled near where you live.

What college degree is awarded upon completion of the program?

Upon successful completion of the Accelerated Program, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) will be awarded.

What grade point average (GPA) is required?

A minimum GPA of 3.00 on a 4.0 scale is required in the prerequisite courses and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 in your baccalaureate degree in order to be eligible to apply for the program. 

What are the pre-requisite courses?

  • Anatomy & Physiology I w/lab (BIO 266/267)
  • Anatomy & Physiology II w/lab (BIO 268/269)
  • Chemistry I w/lab (CHM 251/256)
  • Chemistry II w/lab (CHM 251/256 & 252/257)
  • Microbiology w/lab (BIO 264/265)
  • Statistics (MTH 147)
  • Psychology (PSY 101)
  • Health Care Ethics (PHL 240)
  • Students must be proficient in the current version of Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Must I have all of the prerequisites done before I apply?

No. You must have 2 of the 5 sciences (Anatomy & Physiology I & II, Chemistry I & II, and Microbiology) completed prior to applying. All of the prerequisite courses must be done and official transcripts showing the grades submitted to the School of Nursing prior to starting the Accelerated BSN Program.

Is there an age limit for the science prerequisites?

Effective Fall 2012, science prerequisite courses may be no more than 10 years old at the application deadline.

Are there any rules about repeating prerequisite courses?

You may repeat all prerequisite courses up to two (2) times. Withdrawals are not included in this. 

What happens if I fail a prerequisite course?

You may repeat each prerequisite course two times. See above for grade requirement for each course. A failing grade is a C- or lower. 

I won’t complete my baccalaureate degree before the application deadline, but I will graduate before starting the nursing program. May I still apply?

Yes, you may apply while you are still in the process of completing your baccalaureate degree. However, you must complete the baccalaureate degree before starting the nursing program.

May I submit more than two recommendations?

The Committee requires two (2) recommendations. If you would like to submit additional recommendations, that is your preferance.

I have a letter of reference from a previous employer. May I submit that in addition to or instead of using the School of Nursing’s Recommendation Form?

No. Letters of reference will not be considered by the Committee.

I earned my baccalaureate degree from a foreign institution. What do I do?

First, you must apply to Cleveland State University and submit official transcripts (evaluations of foreign transcripts from a credentialing service is strongly recommended) in order to have them evaluated. It is your responsibility to provide an official translation if your transcripts are not in English. If you are an international student and have questions about your visa, contact the Center for International Services and Programs. After you have submitted your transcripts to International Admissions, contact the Recruiter/Advisor in the School of Nursing to notify them that you have applied to the University and to request that your transcript be evaluated for the Nursing program.

May I transfer to Cleveland State University’s School of Nursing from another accredited Nursing program?

You must be able to provide a letter from the director of your previous nursing program verifying that you have left the program in good academic standing in order to be eligible to apply for Cleveland State University’s School of Nursing. This does not guarantee your acceptance into the program or that your coursework will be accepted. You must meet with a recruiter/advisor to discuss your options.

How are students selected for admission into the program?

Selection of students is based on a number of criteria including prerequisite course grade point average, overall grade point average, references, a résumé, and for selected applicants, an interview and essay. All applicants are encouraged to have some kind of health care related experience, either through volunteer work or job experience. The number of spaces in the program is limited to 80 students for the in person track and 30 students for the online track. Students not admitted due to lack of space, ineligibility, incomplete applications or who do not accept an admission slot must reapply. There is no ongoing waiting list .

When should I apply? When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is June 1for the inperson ABSN track. Please visit the online ABSN webpage for deadlines for the Fall and Spring. You are strongly encouraged to submit all of your materials at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline. This will give the Recruiter/Advisor time to notify you if any materials are missing, or if there are any issues with any of the materials, and allow you time to rectify the problem.

Are late applications accepted?

Late applications will be considered on a case by case basis. 

What could prevent me from entering the program?

Failure to pass a background check results in ineligibility for CSU’s School of Nursing program. See the Board of Nursing website for more information regarding what may prevent you from obtaining a nursing license. http://www.nursing.ohio.gov/discipline.htm.

Where may I obtain more information?

All applicants are strongly encouraged to attend an advising session. A schedule of upcoming sessions may be found on the School of Nursing website. If students need additional information after attending one of these sessions, they may contact the Recruiter/Advisor for an appointment.