Health and Human Performance (HHP)



"Learned the benefits of really focusing on my breath. I will continue to practice this. The many yoga poses I learned I will continue to do. They really helped loosen up tense areas of my body."-Fall 2019, The Well Rounded Yoga Practice

"I loved this class. The instructor is very good at explaining the exercises so I know how to do them properly. She also offered some suggestions for other programs that I can follow at home."-Fall 2019, Body Toning with April Grushetsky

"I now feel more comfortable with using the workout room and am excited to have a workout alternative for the winter"-Fall 2019, Don't Be Afraid of the Machines!

"I will use this knowledge to try to be more active in my daily life" -Spring 2019, Feel Good Funk Fridays


"I learned a relaxing method to help with my blood pressure and made a calendar for life-changing goals." -Spring 2019, New Year, New You!



"The instructor does a terrific job." -Spring 2019, Are You Living a Brain Healthy Lifestyle?



"Helped me with sleep and relaxation!" -Summer 2018, The Well Rounded Yoga Practice with Kris Fondran



"This was my absolute favorite Journey to Wellness class yet, and I've taken many! More like this, please. "-Spring 2019, Tough and Strong Cardio Kickboxing with April Grushetsky



"This program has jumped started a work-out routine for me. This program has encouraged me to say I can do it." -Spring 2019, Body Step with April Grushetsky



"CSU is doing a great job!"-Spring 2019, Body Step with April Grushetsky



"This program helped me to stay fit."-Spring 2019, Body Step with April Grushetsky


"Great class and great instructor."-Spring 2019, Body Step with April Grushetsky