Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping

A double-blind peer-reviewed open access multidisciplinary journal published with no author fees

Published by the Cleveland State University
School of Social Work

With Support from Friends of Reflections and our Publishing Partners

Publishing Partners: University of Georgia School of Social Work; Howard University School of Social Work; California State University School of Social Work; Monmouth University School of Social Work

Reflections is published as a double-blind peer-reviewed open access online journal. Over 100 professionals and academics for the fields of social work, psychology, nursing, narrative medicine, library science, psychiatry and other fields actively participate as peer reviewers. An Editorial Team of distinguished faculty and practitioners ensures that manuscripts are of the highest quality. It is a forum for uncovering, assessing, and conveying—through narrative discourse—the multiple joys, challenges, ideas, and questions related to our work, and for sharing the knowledge we derive from our experiences. Reflections utilizes narrative inquiry as its core focus. These narratives explore our communities, our students, our theories, our politics, our biases, our ethics, and our growth. It is a journal that uncovers the many connections that unite all of us as well as the disconnections that divide us. This journal showcases educators, organizational, community, policy, and clinical practitioners and students. Clients of social service systems are especially invited to share their perspectives.

From January 1995 to Volume 18#1 in 2012, Reflections was published by California State University Long Beach School of Social Work. Since May 2012, Cleveland State University has been the publisher. At this time:

  • Cleveland State University School of Social Work, is the Publisher (Cathleen Lewandowski, Director and Professor;
  • Darlyne Bailey (Professor and Dean Emeritus at Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research) is our Editor-in-Chief. You can contact her at

Readers, authors, agencies, and schools and programs of social work or other professional education programs are invited to serve as Friends of Reflections by making a tax deductible donation: (please use designate your gift to choose Reflections).

We continue to be grateful that Cleveland State University ensures that our journal has a home to further ensure our longevity, while giving full respect to the long tradition the journal represents. We look forward to staying in touch with everyone who has contributed to assuring us all that Reflections remains as meaningful as it has been over the years for our many readers, reviewers, and authors.