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Participant Testimonials

I found the program easy to navigate. I had not used blackboard before and questions were answered quickly and with ease when needed. The materials were interesting and for the most part current in timing. All the titles were useful in the patient advocacy field and our day to day roles tied nicely with the ethics and risk management topics that often we get involved in. I have suggested to another employee who completed the program and just waiting for an opportunity to join the patient advocate field.

Natalie S. Rinaca - August 2015

When I heard about this program I was a little hesitant, I had taken any courses since graduating college 32 years earlier. I was amazed at the information I learned, the ability to work at my own pass and the support of others taking the classes at the same time. I was able to apply what I learned to my position as a Patient Representative. I would definitely recommend this program.

Mary Ramstetter - August 2015

This was my first online educational experience and it was phenomenal. Sharing ideas with other students was as valuable as the course content.

Darcy Dye Bowers - August 2015

The scope of information covered in this program allows for the individual to explore patient advocacy from various angles. The individuals participating in the classes from around the country allow for a variety of thought provoking opinions based on their education, current roles and cultural ideals. In short participating in this program was like sitting down at a banquet table of ideas related to patient advocacy, the exercises to complete and the subsequent on line discussions were thought provoking and challenging. I completed the program in 2012 and continue to praise and recommend it!

Teresa Wheeler - August 2015

I became interested in patient advocacy after helping a friend through some decisions he had to make related to his health. The Cleveland State Patient Advocacy Program provided me the additional information that helped me better understand what an advocate should know. Since completing the 10 courses, I am pursuing a second career in patient advocacy. It was time well spent, well informed professors and great opportunity to network with others in this online program.

Kenneth Harris - August 2015

This program is great for first time Patient advocates within the VA System.

Clavio Garansuay - June 2015

I appreciate being able to learn from other Patient Advocates across the country and have the opportunity to see what others do in their organizations to try to make the patient experience better.

Sheena Freeman - November 2014

Very pleased. Many different outlooks and ideas. Information was though-provoking and interesting.

Barbara Santillo -November 2014

I've only completed 4 of the online classes so far, but continue to take the courses. This was my earlier comment. I have since completed the course and found it very interesting and useful in day to day life even outside of patient advocacy!

Colby Smith - November 2014

I received my certificate in 2011 and proudly display it in my office. All of the courses were informative and have helped me in my duties as a patient advocate and service excellence coordinator. The professors and classmates were wonderful at sharing ideas and knowledge they had with me.

Cathie Butcher - November 2014

I am currently enrolled in this program and I must say that I find the information to be both informative and beneficial to the work I am doing on a daily basis. What I find most beneficial is the interaction with other colleagues in the field who provide real world experience to the subject matter and I find this to be so important. It is going to give me a better grasp on both the administrative aspect but also the patient care aspect of being a patient advocate.

Mary Kay Rodgers - August 2012

As a professional Patient Advocate for a multiple provider practice, the education I received from this program has been invaluable. I actually use the concepts and practical steps I learned during my coursework every day. If you are looking for a program that is cost effective and that teaches you skills that are actually applicable to your day to day job as a Patient Advocate, look no further.

Nicole Bennett - August 2012

I found the Patient Advocacy Program to be a very valuable training. The instructors had very informative and helpful course content that I found fascinating as well as timely. This alone was worth the price for the course. The questions the instructors had for each section helped to stimulate thought and application of the material, which was always very thought provoking and helped in real life situations. The communication with other students who were Patient Advocates taking the class was really priceless. They gave their insight into challenging situations with patients and their family members and how to handle them. These principles can be applied in every walk of life, and aid in communication, ethics, and personal skills.

Marybeth Adams - July 2012

Excellent! The professors provided great case studies and reading material that was relevant in today's healthcare world. I felt extremely prepared for my job as Program Coordinator for the American Cancer Society's Reach to Recovery Program. The exchanges with the other students was fascinating.

Cherlyn Flanagan - July 2012

This is an especially worthwhile program for individuals working in Patient Advocacy or those making the transition from another field. An excellent value, with a welcomed ease of accessing the online materials & completing assignments. The discussion & interaction with classmates was most interesting, while the feedback from the instructors so beneficial, I must admit I wanted even more. Often I actually felt sad that the courses came to an end. I was able to start and complete all ten interesting courses in one semester. . . Well Worth My Time!

Lauren Miller - July 2012

I found the classes very helpful and easy to understand. They were very open and made the participant feel accessible to the information, I never felt overwhelmed and all the information was laid out in a very user-friendly way. The instructors were knowledgeable and offered insight and skills to a new field of patient care. I would definitely recommend these classes to others!

Donna West - July 2012

I've only completed 4 of the online classes so far, but continue to take the courses. The classes have been very informative, and quite easy for taking online. However, they are switching over to a new online forum that while still allows for some very informative discussion, is not the easiest to navigate through. This only makes it hard to "follow the thread" but still allows for much more learning from fellow classmates, and to share your experiences and ideas with them.

Colby - July 2012

The PACP online courses are easy to enroll in and the technical support was timely when needed. The interaction with the groups of students was engaging. I would have liked to see more input or interaction with the instructors to the student.  I have three more modules to complete for the certificate. I work as a healthcare professional and will apply this program to my MS degree in Healthcare Advocacy this coming year. Thank you.

Suzanne Capizzano - August 2012


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