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Disability Accommodations

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Cleveland State University is committed to providing every program participant with comfortable accommodations. In order to achieve this goal, the Office of Disability Services is accessible to each CSU student and program participant.  

The Office of Disability Services is charged with determining who is an eligible person with a disability and coordinating the accommodation needs of individuals with disabilities who participate in our programs.Anyone who is requesting accommodations due to a disability is required to make that request through the Office of Disability Services. Once a person has been identified to this office, we engage in an interactive process with that person to determine what accommodations, if any, are needed to ensure their equal access and participation in our community.

All accommodations are individualized—there is not a standard list of what one “gets” if one has a specific disability. Many different disabilities have similar accommodations to address the needs imposed by the disability. Additionally, two people with the same disability may have very different needs depending upon the impact of the disability on each individual.

Not only are the students of CSU ensured, accommodations, but visitors as well. Visitors to the CSU campus will find it largely accessible. Parking for persons with disabilities is available in most lots and near each building. 

For more information regarding CSU's Disability Services as well as CSU Visitors, please visit their pages in the links below. 

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