Occupational Therapy

Mission & Vision of the MOT Program

Mission of the Master of Occupational Therapy Program

Consistent with the mission of Cleveland State University, the primary mission of the Occupational Therapy Program is to provide accessible and high quality education to our students that enhances educational experiences, knowledge, and abilities through engaged learning. Students are well-prepared to enter the health and human services work force to optimize the quality of life of diverse individuals, communities, and populations in the region through culturally responsive and customized occupation-centered practice, research, creative activities, and services that enable participation in occupations of daily living.

Vision Statement (2016 - 2026)

The Occupational Therapy Program will be a leader in building capacity of occupational therapists to optimize the health, well-being, and quality of life of individuals, communities, and populations within diverse and complex systems/settings in the region through effective evidence-based solutions that enable participation in occupations of daily living.

Master of Occupational Therapy Program Strategic Plan Goals

1. Make the MOT Program accessible to the citizens of Northeast Ohio and beyond.

2. Prepare graduates for entry level practice in complex interdisciplinary systems/settings to meet the occupational and health needs of diverse individuals, groups, and populations as measured by Program outcomes.

3. Faculty will demonstrate leadership in research, education, practice, and service within the university, community, state, nationally, and/or internationally.

4. The program will promote occupational justice and health among individuals, groups, and populations through service, research, and practice.

5. Form and retain strong partnerships within the university, regionally, nationally, and internationally to enhance education, research, practice, and service opportunities.

6. Build capacity of occupational therapists in the community to be change leaders in innovative occupation-centered practice, fieldwork education, research, and service based on current knowledge.