Physical Therapy

DPT Mission, Vision & Values



Rooted in an Urban Culture, we serve through

Engaged Learning, Scholarship, and Practice



Catalyst for Change toward Optimizing Health


Core Values:

Compassion, Innovation, Dedication, Collaboration, Excellence and Professionalism.

The Cleveland State University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program embodies the core values of:

Compassion: as caring, empathy, kindness & respect for all human beings.  Recognizing the individuality of every person, appreciating diversity including ethnic, religious, socioeconomic, & sexual preferences. The dignity of individuals & groups of individuals should be supported & protected.

Innovation:  as courage of individuals to be forward thinkers, open minded, & creative.  Encouraging expansive and insightful thought that includes reflective practice to benefit patients/clients, self and society.

Dedication:  as persistence & commitment of individuals.

Collaboration:  as team cooperation within the program, school & community.  Encouraging inter-professional education & service with students, colleagues and the community.

Excellence: as high quality practices within the education provided, scholarship endeavors, practice including pro bono care & other service commitments. 

Professionalism: as integrity in lifelong learning for all individuals, advocacy for those who need it, accountability for all actions & social responsibility.