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Cohort 7 Last Class

2022 Cohort 7

Food Delivery CMHA August 2022

CHW-Cohort 7 Food Delivery CMHA1CHW-Cohort 7 Food Delivery CMHA2CHW-Cohort 7 Food Delivery CMHA3

2022 Cohort 7

Debriefing Session July 2022

CHW Cohort 7 Debriefing July 2022_2CHW Cohort 7 Debriefing July 2022_1

2022 Cohort 7

Hattie Larlham Foundation May 2022

Hattie Larlham Foundation1Hattie Larlham Foundation2Hattie Larlham Foundation3

2022 Cohort 7

Food Rescue and Feeding the Community

CHW Feeding Community5CHW Feeding Community4CHW Feeding Community3CHW Feeding Community2CHW Feeding Community1


2022 Cohort 7

March of Dimes May 2022

CHW March of Dimes6CHW March of Dimes5CHW March of Dimes4CHW March of Dimes3CHW March of Dimes2CHW March of Dimes1


2022 Cohort 7

National Kidney Foundation June 12, 2022

National Kidney Foundation June 12-Cohort 7_1National Kidney Foundation June 12-Cohort 7_3National Kidney Foundation June 12-Cohort 7_4National Kidney Foundation June 12-Cohort 7_5

2022 Cohort 7

Completion of Chronic Disease Self-Management (CDSM) Training at Fairhill Partners 

CDSM trainingCDSM training









CDSM trainingCDSM training

CDSM trainingCDSM training


2022 Cohort 7

Community Service at the Foot Clinic

CDSM trainingCDSM training

CDSM trainingCDSM training


Chronic Disease Self Managment Training (CMSD) at Fairhill PartnersCHW CMSD Training

Fairhill Partners CDSM Training February 2021

Physical Sports Clinic at St. Aloysius Church February 2021

CHW PhysicalSportsClinc_StAloysiusChurch_Feb2021_1CHW PhysicalSportsClinc_StAloysiusChurch_Feb2021_2CHW PhysicalSportsClinc_StAloysiusChurch_Feb2021_3CHW PhysicalSportsClinc_StAloysiusChurch_Feb2021_4CHW PhysicalSportsClinc_StAloysiusChurch_Feb2021_5

Vital Signs Training Fall 2020


Farmers to Families Fall 2020


Farmers to Families February 2021



Toys for Tots December 2020


Community Events


Community Outreach