Health Sciences and Human Performance Department

Participant Testimonials

"The Fitness for Life program has been a lifesaver (probably literally) for me. Aging and injuries were slowing me down and working with the trainers I was able to return to a very active level and drop about 15 pounds over two years. The trainers are amazing working around injuries and still finding ways to push me hard enough so I can sit still in long meetings the rest of the day. The newsletter provides ideas to keep workouts fresh and the stress tests really help me see where to improve."-R. Elliott Ingersoll, Professor & Chair, Counseling, Administration, & Adult Learning

"I thought I was on target regarding my fitness, as I work out regularly and try to eat well. The fitness for life assessment attuned me to issues I wasn’t aware of, like flexibility. This awareness prompted me to start stretching every day, and I feel years younger now, as I don’t hesitate to pick something off the ground or groan when I do so anymore. Fitness for life is a great resource, and more people should avail themselves of the opportunity." -Robert Hurley, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Cleveland State University


"Fitness for Life has been a motivating program for me over the 15 plus years I’ve been in it. It reminds me to eat healthy and exercise regularly. I can attribute my overall health and fitness to the program. Thank you for having this program available for us here at CSU."-Lou Dregely

Fitness for Life stories fall 2018