Health Sciences and Human Performance Department

Graduation Information

Steps for HSC students to follow when completing their graduation application:

  1. Meet with your College/University Advisor FIRST.  His/her signature is required on the form before you hand it into the Registrar’s Office.  The BSHS Director’s signature is NOT required in order for you to hand in your application.  If you need assistance completing the form, the College Advisor can do that.
  2. For the major:  On the top portion of the form, write down courses that you are currently taking and plan to take prior to graduating.  You should be able to do this on your own.  If you need assistance completing this form for HSC major requirements, then contact the HSC Department for an advising appointment well in advance of the due date of the application.  
  3. When you complete the form, submit it to the Registrar’s Office. 
  4. The Registrar’s Office will then send the form to the BSHS Director to sign. 

Information from the Registrar’s Website:

Undergraduate Applicants

Undergraduate students can pick up application forms from their college advising offices. Students should contact their College Advising office for assistance in completing the graduation application. Completed application forms must have the College Advisor's signature under the College Comments section.

Follow the instructions attached to the application form carefully. Complete all sections of the form. Direct any questions concerning the university requirements to the Office of the University Registrar. Direct questions relating to the college requirements to your college Dean and questions relating to major/minor requirements to the respective department office.

To prevent delays in processing, include any copies of petitions or waivers with your application. The college Dean for college requirements or the department Chairperson for major/minor requirements must approve any changes in the courses you listed on your application. Please use the Substitution Approval Form.

Expected Graduating Semester

Deadline for Graduates/Undergraduates

Law Students

Fall Semester

April 14

May 16

Spring Semester

September 9

September 15

Summer Semester

February 1

February 1