Health Sciences and Human Performance Department

2+2 Articulation Information

The Bachelor's Degree Completion Track, offered through the Department of Health Sciences at Cleveland State University, is designed for students already holding an associate degree in a health related field from Tri-C or Lakeland Community College who wish to complete a baccalaureate degree. Students must complete:

  • Cleveland State University and College of Health and General Education Requirements, which include a minimum of 42 upper division credit hours (300-400 level courses); and
  • Completion of Core Courses of the Health Sciences Major.  HSC 200 is waived for students entering the Health Sciences Major through the 2+2 Agreement; and
  • Completion of the Bachelor's Degree Completion Track. This requires students to complete a minimum of 51 credits in an area of emphasis toward the Health Sciences Major in addition to the health sciences core.

The 2+2 Agreement streamlines the process for students who have completed any one of the allied health majors at Cuyahoga Community College or Lakeland Community College which are part of the Agreement by predetermining coursework that may be applied toward the Health Sciences major. Depending on the allied health program completed at Tri-C or Lakeland, Health Sciences will apply anywhere from 29-37 credits of their associate degree coursework toward the major.  Therefore, students only will need to complete anywhere between 16 – 24 additional credits to complete the Health Sciences major; and  

  • It is recommended that students select from an array of courses offered through the Department of Health Sciences or minor and/or certificate programs offered at CSU to apply toward their Health Sciences major.  See the link “Area of Emphasis” for more details; and
  • Students should seek advising from the Department of Health Sciences for more details about the major requirements and application of the 2+2 to their allied health program.  Please call the office at 216-523-7479 to speak with an advisor or 216-687-3567 to reach the main office to schedule an appointment with an advisor who will be happy to meet with you at your convenience.