Health Sciences and Human Performance Department

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS)


The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS) is an undergraduate program that prepares students to enhance the quality of life of the individuals and communities they serve. The BSHS is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a health-related career.  Programs of study can:

  1. Prepare students to enter a graduate program in a specific healthcare field, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy or physician assistant science.
  2. Prepare students to enter a health-related field, such as health education or wellness.
  3. Develop skills and knowledge that will prepare them to work in health care in a non-clinical support capacity.  

Our mission is to prepare and inspire students of the health sciences to become scholars, practitioners, and leaders through innovative educational techniques, research, and community engagement. With these tools, we will develop professionals who can continue to improve health outcomes and transform health care delivery.

The curriculum emphasizes the development of self-directed and engaged learning skills needed for independent and life-long learning.  It also promotes the importance of culture and ethical considerations relevant to all aspects of healthcare practice.  Students graduating with a BSHS will have a solid foundation in analyzing health-related research, general health and wellness, Analytical skills Communication skills, Behavior change, Program Assessment, Implementation, and Evaluation. We recognize that common program objectives can be achieved in a variety of ways, thus the curriculum allows students the flexibility to plan a course of study that best suits their professional and educational needs.

The tracks of study in the BSHS include:

Bachelor's Degree Completion Track
General Interest Track (Including Pre-Medical Professions)
Health Promotion Track
Pre-Physician Assistant Science Track
Pre-Physical Therapy Track
Pre-Occupational Therapy Track

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