Health Sciences and Human Performance Department

Honors and Scholars Program

Upper Division Honors and University Scholars Programs

The Health Sciences Upper Division Honors Program and University Scholars Program are designed for the Health Sciences major who is considering graduate-level training and seeks engaged learning opportunities in research, clinical, and/or cultural competency tracks.  Application for admission to either of these Programs must be made at least 30 days before the semester in which the applicant wishes to enter, typically the spring or summer semester before their junior or senior year. A minimum overall GPA of 3.5 is required for admission to the Honors Program and 3.25 is required for the Scholars Program.  University Honors students and other students majoring in Health Sciences who meet the minimum GPA requirement may enter the Honor’s Program.  University Scholars students majoring in Health Science who meet the minimum GPA requirement may complete the Scholar’s Program.  Credits earned in the Honors and Scholars Programs will apply towards the major.

Research Track: (9 credits) (Honors and Scholars Programs): Consists of the following:

  • HSC 484 Advanced Research and Writing in Health Sciences 
  • HSC 438H Honors Independent Research I 
  • HSC 439H Honors Independent Research II. 

Clinical Track: (8-13 credits minimum): Consists of the following:

Option 1: (Honors Program ONLY)

  • ONE contract* course in Health Sciences. Students must arrange to complete the Honors Contract form for a 300-400 level HSC PRIOR to taking the course. The HSC Honors Adviser must approve the course and contract.
  • ONE graduate level course in Health Sciences (6-9 credits)
  • HSC 440H:  Honors Clinical Track (2-4 credits). 

Option 2: (Honors and Scholars Programs)

  • TWO graduate level courses in Health Sciences (6-9 credits)
  • HSC 440H: Honors Clinical Track Cooperative Education Experience (2-4 credits). 

*Contract Courses may be taken by Honors Students ONLY:  The Honors Contract Course compromises the community of an honors course, but it permits both students and faculty to pursue the creativity, uniqueness, independence, and academically enhanced standards of honors in a special setting. Students must initiate an Honors Contract Course Petition in writing by consulting with the advisor and faculty member, proposing a course of study, identifying appropriate outcomes or experiences, and specifying criteria for evaluation. A form, available on the University Honors Web site is provided to help students and instructors formalize the Honors Contract Course. The petition for Honors Contract Course should be submitted at the time of pre-registration, with final proposal due prior to the end of the semester before the term in which the Honors Contract Course will be taken. 

Contact Dr. Mike Hammonds or Dr. Anne Su, the Honors and Scholars Advisors for more information.