Health Sciences and Human Performance Department

Permission for HSC Classes

Many classes with the HSC prefix require permission to register.  In some cases, this is because specific sections may be designated for students in a particular program.  Please fill out the form below.  This will send a request to program staff who will make the changes in CampusNet which will allow you to enroll in a specific class.

OTD/DPT:  If you are an OTD or DPT student, or you have an OTD or DPT application pending, please do not use this form, your permission requests will be handled automatically as a batch by your program.  If you have questions regarding when you can register, please contact your respective programs.

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You will be contacted if there is a problem with your request and also when your request is completed. Please allow three full business days to process your request. If permission is needed before the close of a business day, please contact the Health Science Program directly at 216-687-4870.