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Undergraduate Majors in Health Sciences

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Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

Father and childThe Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a health related career. There are four tracks offered which are designed to help the student prepare to enter a specific health care field, a specific health care area of study, or to develop skills and knowledge that will prepare them to work in health care generally. Students must complete all core courses, specific track requirements, and all university general education requirements in order to earn a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Degree.


Physical Education and Sport (Exercise Science), B.S. in Ed.

The undergraduate program in Exercise Science program helps students develop skills to organize and lead exercise programs in a variety of settings, including cardiac rehabilitation centers, corporate and hospital-based wellness programs, and private physical fitness enterprises. The primary focus of study is exercise physiology and its applications to physical activity programs. The program has a Laboratory-based hands-on approach to learning and applying the principles of exercise science.