Health Sciences and Human Performance Department


Computer Labs

Computer labThere are several computer facilities located throughout the College of Science. The following labs are available for College of Sciences and Health Professions students and/or College of Sciences and Health Professions instruction:  

  • Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences: computers in Teaching Assistant/graduate student offices, course labs, and library. In addition, BGES houses a large format printer which can be used to print posters for research displays.
  • Health Sciences: 10 terminals available for student and instructional use.
  • Mathematics: (RT 1501) 33 terminals (and a satellite lab with 10 terminals in RT1530) used for instructional purposes in a wide range of courses.
  • Physics: (SI 117A) 16 terminals available for student use when not in use for instruction.
  • Psychology: (CB 13) 20 terminals used for statistics and other instructional needs. 

In addition to the facilities in the College of Sciences and Health Professions, there are also general purpose computer labs located throughout campus. Visit the Information Services and Technology website for information on these labs as well as for details regarding the university’s wireless internet network. IS&T also offers a list detailing the location of all general purpose labs.

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